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The 12th Edition of The Open African Masters Athletics Championships 2019

The 12th edition is TUNISIAN. More than 300 Masters Athletes that represent African countries and the whole world will participate, from the 6th until the 9th of Februrary 2019, in Tunis, in the 12th edition of the Open African Masters Athletics Championships. A competition organized by the The Tunisian Athletics Federation in collaboration with the African Association of Masters Athletics.
Rades Stadium will embrace this 12th edition of championships. During 4 days, the stadium will assist no less than 56 Events played by masters (Women & Men) in a both friendly and rigorous atmosphere. More than 100 volunteers are mobilized to ensure a smooth running of the event.
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Tunisian Athletics Federation

The Tunisian Athletics Federation (FTA) is a grouping of different associations and clubs.
The main objective of this federation is to practice athletics, train youth, and develop their physical and technical abilities according to the highest standards of sports and ethics. It is affiliated to the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), while being also an active member of the Confederation of African Athletics (CAA) that manages the African Championships in Athletics and other continental competitions.
President : Fathi Hachicha

Headquarter : Maison des Fédérations sportives 1004 Tunis

Affiliation : IAAF, CAA, UAAA

Website : http://www.fta.com.tn

Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/FTATUNISIE


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The Message of AFMA's President

"It is in a spirit of esteem and friendship that I send my greetings to all African Masters athletes on the occasion of these 12th African Masters Athletics Championships.
Following a most successfull of the last African masters championships held in Ivory Coast in 2017, the attention has already now turned to Tunisia and undoubtedly it is a highlight of athletics masters in this country.
A special greeting to all those who have never stopped the practice of athletics throughout their lives. And to those who have never spared any effort for the development and promotion of this discipline in our continent.
Over the years, a strong bond had been established between AFMA and the national athletics federations; this is natural, we have the same roots and a common passion: Athletics. The practice of this sport, which taught us much when we were young, remains important at the adult age, and during this period known as the "old age". In fact,Athletics, when we continue to practice, slows down the aging process. Therefore, not only our body but also our spirit will keep their youth and fighting spirit.
In this belief, I wish to your organisation, all Masters athletes, coaches, technical officials, local organizations committees, and all those who from near and far, work for the African Masters Athletics, to always go as far as possible in the conditions that all together we will strive to make better.
Good competition"